UKIST member’s new website recommends books for children with visual impairment

UKIST would like to congratulate support group member Catherine Keeling who has set up a new book review website for children with corticovisual impairments (but likely relevant to all children with a VI).
‘When my son was newly diagnosed with his CVI, I did lots of Google searching to try and find suitable books we could enjoy together. I was sure there must be more out there suitable for his vision other than ‘Elmo’ and ‘That’s not my dinosaur…’, so this is my attempt to bring together a comprehensive list to help other parents.
It’s a work in progress, so any feedback gratefully received!’
Cortical visual impairment (CVI) is a term used to describe visual impairment that occurs due to brain injury.  CVI differs from other types of visual impairment which are due to physical problems with the eyes.  CVI is caused by damage to the visual centres of the brain, which interferes with communication between the brain and the eyes.  The eyes are able to see, but the brain is not interpreting what is being seen. CVI can be a sequel to brain injury due to infantile spasms. The good news is that CVI can often improve with appropriate early intervention and vision therapy.
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