UKIST donates £2,000 to childhood epilepsy research

UKIST are delighted to announce that we have donated £2000 to the Muir Maxwell Epilepsy Centre to fund their research work into childhood epilepsy.

The Muir Maxwell Trust have responded to say how our donation will be allocated. “We were delighted to receive your donation of £2,000 yesterday and to be one of your first beneficiaries, thank you.

At the moment we are funding a five year genome research project alongside the Epilepsy Society, UCL and UCLH with Genomics England which is in its third year. The focus of this work is the genetics of epilepsy, the ultimate goal of which is for whole genome sequencing to be part of clinical practice in epilepsy. The expectation is that this work will bring important, personalised, valuable additional data to the understanding and management of each individual’s epilepsy. We anticipate that major discoveries will emerge from this research, leading to better understanding and treatment for individuals with the most severe epilepsies and has the important advantage of the entire process being designed for adoption in to NHS practice.