Kamala represents UKIST at the Shape Network Epilepsy Research Conference

UKIST is grateful to Kamala Murugesu, one of our fabulous group admin team, for representing us at the epilepsy research conference
On Tuesday 17 May I attended the Shape Network’s first in-person conference on Epilepsy Research at the Francis Crick Institute, London on behalf of UKIST.
It was a great half day conference filled with fascinating talks from doctors and professionals around the country focused on epilepsy research and finding a cure.
I found the talk on “Batman and the Brain: gene therapy for seizure prevention” particularly interesting. Dr. Gareth Morris has focused his research around creating a new control mechanism for gene therapy that could turn the therapy on or off when the brain is in an epileptic state thereby only sending it to work when needed, rather than it being constantly “on”.
Dr. Kate Baker also discussed her research on genetics and rare mutations and how far genetic testing has come in the last 10 years. Because of this testing we are now able to provide better treatment for different types of epilepsies. She also focuses on how epilepsy affects families and care givers and regularly visits families for her research.
The conference was a fantastic opportunity to meet other families living with epilepsy and to network with doctors and researchers who are leading the path to finding a cure for epilepsy.
To find out more about the Shape Network and how you can become involved, visit epilepsyresearch.org.uk.