Information for anyone with epilepsy affected by the war in Ukraine

The crisis in Ukraine means that many people with epilepsy may have difficulty accessing medications and treatment, whether they have fled the country or remain, and this could have dire consequences for those with the most complex needs. Language barriers, individual country policies on medications available and trying to cross borders with multiple medications are just some of the issues being faced. Help is coming!
All 24 ERN’s are mobilising and specifically EpiCARE ERN are working with the ILAE, IBE, Red Cross, pharma and more to create a lifeline for those that need it. A website should be available in the next week which will signpost people and/or patient groups to where they can find help and support. Hospitals and medics from across Europe are working closely together to make this happen and ensure #NoOneIsLeftBehind. If you know someone who has an urgent and immediate need, then they should ideally contact the nearest ERN centre list, or they can email a new dedicated email address that has just been set up