Grant Application

UK Infantile Spasms Trust Grant Scheme

The UK Infantile Spasms Trust (UKIST) grant scheme is made possible by the generosity of our fundraisers and kind donors; and we thank them for making such a positive difference to the lives of children and families affected by infantile spasms (IS).

  • UKIST will consider grant applications up to the value of £1000, for the following uses:
  • Special needs equipment; Therapy and activities that will assist children in their recovery or development; or
  • Financial hardship resulting from a diagnosis of infantile spasms.

Our grant scheme is currently open. Families are invited to apply in writing with an explanation of the proposed costs, and how this is expected to benefit your IS warrior.

Applications for UKIST grants will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees on a monthly basis.

Further information

Before making a grant application, please take the time to read our terms and eligibility criteria in detail.

  • Applications are only accepted from current members of our UKIST community.
  • Your child must have received a diagnosis of infantile spasms; and a copy of the diagnosis letter is required.
  • Your child must be living in the United Kingdom.
  • For equipment and therapy grants, there is no means testing involved, but we hope you will only apply for something you would otherwise find difficult to access. Consideration for financial hardship grants require evidence of benefit entitlement(s) (as specified by the Trustees) and typically, evidence of higher rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA).
  • Limited funding is available, so we ask that applicants do no re-apply within one year of successfully receiving a grant.
  • Endorsement - supporting evidence from someone who works with your child in a professional capacity (e.g. occupational therapist, doctor, etc) would significantly strengthen your application; particularly to confirm suitability of higher value / specialist equipment needs.
  • Assessment - the Board of Trustees will acknowledge receipt of applications. Assessment sessions are held monthly, and the Trustee’s decision is final. We will write to you to confirm the outcome.
  • If successful, UKIST will order and pay for products / services direct to suppliers.
  • Grants must be spent within two months of confirmation; otherwise, funding will be withdrawn.
  • Equipment - our expectation is that when equipment has been outgrown or has outlived its usefulness, it’s offered back to the charity to either pass on to another family or to be sold with the proceeds donated back to UKIST. By accepting our help to purchase this equipment you agree to abide by this condition.
  • The grant scheme is dependent on UKIST fund availability and may close, unannounced (as necessary).

Application Form

Please fill in the online application below, or if you prefer you can download the grant scheme as a PDF here. In either case - please ensure all questions are completed in full.