Back to school….

September is an exciting (and anxious) time of year for many of our families as their children start a new school or nursery or move to the next step. This feels like a milestone for all families but particularly for children who have faced such huge challenges in their early years. This September we will be celebrating how far they have come and adding to the posts here as the precious ‘first day’ photos are shared. 

Addie is going into Year 1 after an incredible reception year at her specialist school, her teachers described her as “constantly on the cusp of something incredible” and they aren’t wrong. Addie has learnt to engage in the school routine, has learnt to sign some words and has thrown herself into learning, she found a love for face painting and anything creative and despite being non verbal has leant to sing along to her favourite songs, I’m so excited to see what her next year brings.

Tia is starting reception at an SEN school. We are all really excited for her to start as we know she will thrive even more! She has an EHCP and 3 care plans in place. The school have already been in contact a lot so they can prepare for when Tia starts and have an idea of her likes/dislikes. Tia started with Infantile Spasms at 3 month old which progressed to severe complex epilepsy. She failed multiple AED’s and started the keto diet as an emergency inpatient. On the 17th of this month she will be 21 months seizure free and almost off all AED’s. Recently they found Tia has a super rare genetic condition which no one really knows much about however a diagnosis doesn’t define Tia and she will make her own journey.

Charlotte was born at 35 weeks with neonatal sepsis, at 11 months she started having spasms and was taken to A&E, where an EEG confirmed infantile spasms and an MRI scan showed she had a massive stroke. Charlotte is now 7 and is about to start a new specialist school in September after 3 years at mainstream. She now has focal epilepsy and other health challenges but remains a very happy little girl. We are so proud of everything that she achieves.
Elijah is going into reception class at the PMLD special school where he attended nursery. Infantile spasms were the start of his journey and he now has multiple diagnoses, but thankfully the school are so supportive in helping him get the best out of life. Due to his complex medical needs and vulnerability he will only be doing a few 1-1 sessions a week for now. But this is a huge achievement for Elijah. He is life limited and we have been told on several occasion that he might not make it during difficult illnesses. So getting to start school is a huge milestone in his life. He loves his sessions in the sensory room and usually rewards us with some cheeky smiles, and the occasional side eye when he’s feeling moody!