Warrior of the Week

Here we have our #Warrioroftheweek No:6 – The gorgeous Travis.

Travis was born full term with no problems in pregnancy . When he was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck and arm twice and it took 49 minutes to revive him. I was told he had HIE ( Hypoxia Ischemic Encephalopathy – damage caused by lack of blood and oxygen to the brain) and we were told he was unlikely to make it to a week old. He spent 38 days in the special care baby unit where he had 3 seizures. By 3 months he had developed Infantile Spasms which were rapidly controlled with medication . Travis has 16 diagnosis in total due to the damage to his brain, the main one being dystonic quad cerebral palsy.

6 years down the line with no seizures at all, it hit us with a bang last year when he had a 3 hour seizure they couldn’t stop, which resulted with him being ventilated for 3 days . At 6 years 9 months now , he has, after various tests been diagnosed with epileptic spasms (a very similar type of epilepsy to IS but affecting older children) and ┬áis now on 4 different medications which are unfortunately currently not helping so far. Even though Travis has been through so much in his life he is always happy and smiley and continues to amaze us all of the time .

Unfortunately Travis’ dad and I split up as he couldn’t cope with everything, the Infantile Spasms diagnosis pushed us over the edge and our relationship ended. It has been a long, hard struggle and I would not have coped without the help of some fantastic carers. If you would like to read more about Travis, please visit his blog at www.lifewithtravis.blogspot.co.uk


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  1. Travis is a little smiler and the apple of he’s mothers eyes, her world. Nicola totally, unconditional love the little man with her everything, she copes amazing with everything that’s thrown her way, and she’s a great mother and mentor to Darien. X

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