Warrior of the Week .

We would like to introduce our very first instalment of #Warrioroftheweek . We will be posting a different story every week and would like to thank everyone for sharing their stories with us all. We hope today you enjoy reading all about about Josh.
Our twins Josh and Ava were born at 35 weeks and they were our third round of IVF. Very much wished for and doubly loved. We always called Josh ‘highly strung’ as he took longer to settle than Ava, and suffered terribly with colic. At six months he started to do this little movement, as if he had a bad tummy. We went to the hospital but they said it was viral, and his GP said it was constipation! We were actually on holiday ( Italy) when I realised something serious was happening. His movements got sharper- the arms and head nod and his eyes rolled. We’d also lost ‘our Joshie’- he’d stopped smiling and laughing and that was just not him. We flew home the next day and went to A&E. he was diagnosed with IS after 24 hrs. He was put on a very high dose of prednisolone and thank goodness after 36 hrs his seizures had stopped. He had a compromised immune system after his treatment and ended up having to be on Hydrocortisone four times a day for 6 months but he’s now producing enough himself! So med free. He is showing no developmental delays at the moment. He walked at 12 months and has enough language that everyone is happy with so far. He is 11 months seizure free, and I am thankful for each and every seizure free day.

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